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Cashmere Virgin Wool
Cashmere 10% Virgin Wool 90%
This wool fabric is developed by itself considering light weight while having optimal touch and warmth.
Tested the ratio of cashmere to wool several times and it's light weight when worn.
It maximizes warmth and durability.
Cashmere Virgin Wool, which is mainly used as a material for façade pattern coats, is
It creates a coolness that does not lose its warmth even in the middle of winter.

Cashmere Cashmere
Cashmere is a fabric woven from the fur of Cashmere Goat, which overcomes the severe cold in winter.
It can only be collected during the changing season and is produced by classifying only the soft hairs inside.
The cashmere you can get from one is as small as 150g, so it's expensive and rare.
The fur is long and thin, so it is three to eight times more thermal than normal wool, and the weight is lighter.

Virgin Wool
It's not wool that was recycled and used when it was already produced as wool, but wool obtained from new healthy wool.
Cashmere is soft and has excellent drape, so it stretches well and lint forms easily.
The combination of Virgin wool gives it elasticity and high durability.

Material:Cashmere, Virgin Wool
Country of origin:Indian Kashmir, Mongols
Breed of goat:Cashmere

The dense fluff of cashmere that helps you overcome the severe cold in the middle of winter,
It's like the soft hairs that the peach is covering.
It is tightly woven with long and thin yarn, so it is warm even in winter.

Moderate thickness and touch make you feel pleasant and cozy when worn.
It reminds me of the baby dog's fur that makes me feel better the moment I touch it.
Just like brushing the dog's hair, you can brush along the texture of the fabric to regain its gloss.